Didi Salvatierra is an award-winning and professional fiber artist and quiltmaker. She received a Bachelors of Fine Art degree in jewelry design from the University of Colorado at Boulder. After working in metals and being a member of a cooperative artists' gallery for eight years, she found fiber arts to be a new direction for her creative energies. She has been stitching professionally since 1990. Some of her more noteworthy clients include The Mountain Mist Company, authors Mimi Dietrich and Barbara Brackman, quilt artist Carole A. Liebzeit, and AQS quilt appraisers Karen L. Dever and Mary W. Kerr.

Didi's quilts reflect a love of color, spontaneity and often humor. Her attention to detail and embellishments infuse each unique piece of her work with vibrant visual impact. Recent works include one-of-a-kind commissions, art quilts, pillows, coiled bowls and memory quilts. She uses various techniques such as photo-transfer, rubber stamping, foiling, painting and computer generated images to bring her pieces to life. After many years of hand quilting for others, teaching workshops and presenting lectures, she has returned to her studio to create exciting projects and quilts. Relocating to western North Carolina is offering Didi many new challenges, opportunities and adventures. You may even find her teaching an occasional class at Beginnings Quilt Shop in Hendersonville. Life is good!!

"My appreciation for quilts of the past and their makers has inspired me as an artist. If these old quilts only had voices; the stories they could tell! I am in awe and admire the work of contemporary quilt makers as well. In my own quilts I try to find the happy medium, combining the skill of hand quilting with contemporary designs and fabrics. The tactile nature of working with pattern, shape and color in fabrics is a wonderful "high." The excitement of seeing a project completed never diminishes. I take pride and pleasure in the work that I do as well as in sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with others. I am fortunate to have found a creative medium that fuels my passion."
-Didi Salvatierra
Artist's Statement