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Heart #1
Heart #2
Paperclips Hurrah!
Nature's Balance: Silk and Stone
Earth Day Improv
Colorful Language
A Sliver Runs Through It
Relics and Remnants
Sheep Trick
Long Ago and Far Away
Like Glass
The Landing Pad
Flowers by the Sea
Indigo and Cheddar
Timelines I
Timelines II
Silk Road
Ladies of the Lace
Bohemian Dreams
Childhood Distraction
Birds in a Row
Aviary Abstraction
A Road Less Traveled
Dutch Treat
Salute to Ami's Army
Tulips from Two Lips
The "D" Days of Summer
Off in the Distance
Blooming Button Basket
Beach Memories
Pairs of Pears
First Light
Garden Gliders
Happy Cows Come From Color-fornia!
Lake Tahoe
Love Letters
Love, Marriage and the GI Bill
Remains To Be Seen
Circle Gets the Square
Color Cycle I-IV
Trio No. 2
Connecting the Dots
Cold Hands, Warm Heart
A Few Fish Between Friends
Three Geisha
Remember Me
Improv #1
Improv #2
Improv #3
Blue Basket, Teal Bird
Heart #1
Heart #2